Monday, February 13, 2012

Blogging In Hospital.

Hey dolls,

I am blogging while waiting for my father in emergency ward in HTAR. Yeah, sounds scary huh when I mentioned E-Ward.

My father is rushed to hospital while he's doin the monthly check up at Gov. Clinic. They brought him here with Ambulance. Nenong nenong!

When I asked, "bapak, kenapa dorang anta pegi sini?" He replied with smile on his face "takde apa lah.. "I guess his BP is over over high. And, he scare to tell me. Becoz, he bantai all the food and taking too much cold water.

Hmmm.. Old people are like that. Whenever we advice not to eat this that, they said.. "Takpe, ni obat".

Can ar?

Okey, now still waiting. After one to another checking. Heart to blood. Waiting with sabar. Hope he is fine and not admitted.


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.ieLah. said...

get well soon bapak!

Karbon Kopie said...

semoga bapak cepat sihat.
risau pulak ayah aku kat kampung. :(

F A R Y N said...

cuci mata tgk tuan doktor..ekekekee